Information about the meeting of Aarhus Information Centre in Osh on the organization of the press club of young journalists.


On 8 August 2016, Aarhus Centre in Osh together with the Regional Offices of the State Inspectorate of Environment and Technical Security (GIETB) under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic with the financial support of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek held a meeting. The meeting held for young journalists of different media and training center listeners of UNDP project “Capacity Media Lab based ORTRK Yntymak” in Osh. Meeting was dedicated to discussion of the establishment of a permanent press-club on the use of natural resources, environmental protection, environmental safety and dissemination of environmental information. The event was attended by 16 representatives of the media, GIETB.

The purpose of the meeting is to increase the capacity and knowledge of young journalists on legal and regulatory acts in the field of environmental protection, environmental safety, protection of environmental rights of civil society, public participation in decision-making and the dissemination of environmental information.

Director Aarhus Centre in Osh, K.Isabaev, welcomed the participants and briefed them on the basic principles of the Aarhus Convention and with the activities of the Aarhus Centres Kyrgyz Republic.


Participants of the meeting discussed the establishment and operation of a permanent press club of young journalists. Receive answers on issues about environmental protection, public access to environmental information, normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic on ecology and the basic principles of the Aarhus Convention.

Representatives of state regulatory authorities told the meeting participants about the structure of the State Inspection of ecological and technical safety under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the current situation on environmental protection, environmental safety and rational use of natural resources.

Further cooperation with the media environmental authorities discussed as well as the opportunity to travel to the environmental problem areas of the region within the framework of projects carried out by the Aarhus Centre in Osh

The meeting resulted in holding meeting of the press – the club 1 time in three months, with the participation of all interested journalists from various media.


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