Information on the work meeting about project “Reintroduction of marals in Western Tian-Shan”


On December 23, 2015 informational Aarhus Center in city Osh conducted work meeting on the project “Reintroduction of marals in Western Tian Shan”. The meeting was held in city Bishkek in the department of forest ecosystems and especially protected areas of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. In this meeting the director of forest ecosystems department and PA Ormonov A, the deputy director of the natural resource management department Mambetaliyev K., the representatives of Naryn State Reserve, Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve, Avletim forestry, the association of forest and land users of the Kyrgyz Republic, Biology and Soil Institute of National Academy of Sciences, department of Ecology and Zoology of Osh State University, the research project “Kayberen” , LLC “EKOAUDIT”, “Socioscope”, Aarhus Centre in Bishkek, Jalalabad regional society of hunters and fishermen, and also members of the community “Alan Too” from the village Avletim of Aksy district.
The head of project “Reintroduction of marals in Western Tian Shan” G.Soronkulov informed about the goals and plans of community “Alan-Too”, directed to the protection of flora and fauna of tracts Avletim and maral reintroduction project. He elaborated on the concept, objectives, methodology, project assessment and analysis of the situation and informed the participants about the program of cooperation for the conservation of the snow leopard by Fund “Leonardo Di Caprio” and Fund “Christensen under the Fund of Silicon Valley’s community” regarding the support for this project in 2016. The scientific supervisor of the project A.Davletbakov briefed the participants of the meeting with a scientific approach to the question of re-acclimatization and increasing the number of deer in the foothills of the Chatkal Range.
After getting information of the project the director of the department of forest ecosystems and protected areas Ormonov A. expressed gratitude to supervisor and project partners, and also promised to support the implementation of the project by the department and the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry.
All the participants of work meeting in their presentation expressed the support to the project, noted its relevance, timeliness and willingness to participate in project realization.
Following the meeting were accepted the following resolution:
1. Support the project and contribute to the implementation of the project.
2. The project supervisor in collaboration with employees of the Department of Forest Ecosystems and the PAs should develop an Action Plan and the Road Map for the implementation of the project.
3. The Biology and Soil Institute of National Academy of Sciences should prepare a scientific conclusion on the project.


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