Monitoring of the state of water in the Naryn River was carried out in Naryn

The Naryn River begins its journey high in the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, in the Ferghana Valley region, the waters of the Karadarya River flow into the Naryn, giving rise to the Syrdarya River, one of the main water arteries of Central Asia.

The average water flow at the mouth is 480 m3/s, the maximum flow is 2820 m3/s, suspended sediments are 760 kg/s. Food glacier-snow. The length of the Naryn River is 534 km (together with the Big Naryn River – 807 km), the catchment area is 58,370 km2. The city of Naryn has a population of over 40 thousand inhabitants and is the administrative center of the region and district of the same name.

The main methods for determining water quality are organoleptic and chemical-analytical. The organoleptic method is based on the use of the senses. The smell, taste, taste of water, its transparency (turbidity) and color are determined. Chemical-analytical methods make it possible to determine the level of acidity and the chemical composition of water, as well as the content of mineral salts in water, etc.

The health and well-being of the population, the development of river flora and fauna, and much more directly depend on the state of the river. Therefore, work to determine the ecological state of rivers and eliminate the identified pollution is most relevant in our time. The main cause of pollution of water arteries can be safely called anthropogenic load.

The sewage treatment facilities of the city of Naryn practically do not work, while in some parts of the city there are non-working sewers. Therefore, residents and small businesses from their activities often discharge wastewater directly into the Naryn River. Thus, the intensive development of industry in recent years, population growth, and an increase in wastewater discharges lead to an increase in the concentration of harmful products, which affects not only the flora and fauna, but also the quality of life of the population.

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