Round table on the subject “Participation of the public in the solution of environmental issues” in Talas

On July 9, 2015 in the city of Talas of Talassky area was realized a round table on a subject: “Participation of the public in the solution of environmental issues”.


On this event were presented working plans of the Aarhus Centre in Bishkek, the strategy of activity development of the Aarhus Centers was elaborated for the purpose of support to the State agency of environmental protection and forestry in effective short-term and medium-term planning of realization of activities for promotion of the basic principles of the Aarhus Convention in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2015-2018.


The questions concerned about conditions of environment in Talassky area and possible ways of more active involvement of the public for the solution of environmental problems were considered. On a round table was also considered the question of problems of water use and land use in Talassky area which was presented by the representative of the international public association “Water Partnership” (GWP). The round table was carried out within activity of the Aarhus Centers with assistance of the “Promotion of conscientious management in the Sphere of Environmental Management in Kyrgyzstan” project of the OSCE Center in Bishkek.


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