Training for employees of Aarhus Centers

In accordance with the work plan, from August 18 to 20, a training session was held in Cholpon-Ata for employees of the Aarhus Centers in Bishkek, Cholpon-Ata and Naryn. The purpose of this training was to train participants in the application of the basics of the Aarhus Convention, to increase their potential and get acquainted with the experience of colleagues.

During the training, the participants received all the necessary knowledge of the fundamental principles of the Aarhus Convention, it’s practical application in the performance of their duties and during the implementation of planned activities. At the end of this stage of the training, all participants consolidated their knowledge with the help of written tests.

In the second part of the training, the participants discussed the mechanism of planning their activities, the procedure and forms of completing the work plan for the year, approaches and methods of implementation, the procedure for providing the necessary and required materials for reporting.

At the end of the training, each participant was issued training certificates.

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