In order to access the information and public participation in decision-making were effective, public must be able to apply to a court of general jurisdiction or by using the administrative proceedings. Such a mechanism review process provides the necessary means to appeal decisions of the state bodies and ensure effective implementation of the Convention. Access to justice have all – individuals, NGOs, government officials and companies. They can go to court to protect their environmental rights.According to the approved strategic plan for development of Aarhus Centres in the Kyrgyz Republic during 2015-2018, the main tasks for the implementation of the Aarhus Convention on access to justice in matters relating to the environment is:

  • Raising awareness of the public about the environmental rights in the interests of effective participation in the solution of environmental issues and sustainable development.

To achieve these objectives has the following events:

  • conduct public outreach advice on legal environmental issues for  consumers of natural resources and the population who live near hazardous environmental and technological zones of influence;
  • cooperate with the Judicial Training Center under the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Centre for training of civil servants in the development and integration of educational programs, and courses on international and national environmental law;
  • Involve human rights organizations and the institution of the Ombudsman of KR for the promotion and integration of the protection of citizens’ environmental rights.