Aarhus Centers held round tables in different regions

At the end of April – in May, the Aarhus Centers of Naryn, Issyk-Kul and Bishkek, with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek, held round tables with public participation. Thus, on April 29, in the village of At-Bashi, At-Bashi district, Naryn region, a round table was held in the district administration building. The organizer of this event was the Naryn Aarhus Center and the apparatus of the district state administration. It was attended by representatives of the administration, employees of environmental services and municipal organizations of the region, representatives of the public and civil society. The topic of the meeting was to discuss existing issues in preserving the region’s environment in its purest form and preventing violations of environmental legislation. The meeting participants actively took part in the consideration of pressing problems and were able to discuss issues of interest to them.

On May 10, in the village of Barskoon, Jeti-Oguz district, Issyk-Kul region, a round table organized by the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center was held in the village cultural center. It was attended by the head of the Barskoon aiyl okmotu – Asambaev A. T., employees of the municipal enterprise “Tazalyk”, specialists from the Issyk-Kul territorial department of the control and inspection service under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic, chairmen of the aiyl okmotu quarter committees, school teachers, and deputies of the aiyl okmotu. The agenda of this event included a discussion of environmental problems in the territory of the Barskoon aiyl okmotu and information about the activities carried out by government bodies.

On May 16, in the regional center of the Talas region in the city of Talas, a round table was held with the participation of employees of the Talas Department of MNRETS of KR, regional journalists and representatives of the public. The main objective of this event was to familiarize those present with the work of the Aarhus Centers, invite environmental authorities to provide information about their activities in the region and provide an opportunity for journalists and the public to obtain comprehensive information about the state of affairs in the field of environmental protection.

The meeting was successful, a lot of questions were asked and their visions for solving problematic issues were proposed.

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