Information about the round table in the Ak-Talaa district of the Naryn region on the implementation of the Aarhus Convention

On April 19, 2022, in the village of Baetovo, Ak-Talaa district, Naryn region, with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek, the Naryn Aarhus Center together with the Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve held a round table on the implementation of the Aarhus Convention. The round table was attended by the head of the apparatus of the state administration of the Ak-Talaa region Baysheriev M., representatives of the nature reserves “Karatal-Zhapyryk” and “Bugu-Marala”, heads of the district ayil okmotu, representatives of the forestry sector, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Ak-Talaa region and secondary school teachers . A total of 25 people took part in the event.

The round table was opened by the manager of the Aarhus Center in Naryn, S. Kalmuratov who presented information about the goals of the center’s work and gave a brief report on the work done. Then representatives of nature reserves presented information about the activities of the reserve administration, told about the successful projects they have implemented, about plans for the future.

During the discussion of the reports the participants raised the issue of the Endik plant (Arnebia), which is massively dug up by local residents and sold for medicinal purposes, which has led to degradation of pastures. An employee of the reserves clarified that this plant does not have any protection status and is not listed in the Red Book, therefore it is difficult to stop the digging of the plant.

The issue of the landfill site in the village of Terek was also raised. Due to the unfinished work on the transformation of the land plot, the landfill cannot be taken on balance as a landfill and be protected with the necessary protective materials. In turn, the regulatory authorities fine aiyl okmotu for the lack of appropriate permits. Yet transforming this site is a long process (no one knows how to solve this issue). In this regard, Aiyl okmotu appealed to the Aarhus Center to help solve this problem.

The participants also expressed concern about the house on the Arpa pasture. This house was built at one time by a private hunting company which was liquidated long ago and this house remained ownerless. Participants are asking for help in solving this problem.

In conclusion, the participants expressed their gratitude to our center for the information provided about the work, the opportunity to express their opinions about environmental problems in the area. It was noted that the activity of the Aarhus Center is important for the residents of the district, as it raises urgent environmental problems. Many people heard about our center for the first time and it was suggested to establish contacts for consulting and further cooperation.

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