New collection of normative-legal acts will be prepared in the field of environmental protection


18 August 2016, in the office of the Aarhus Centre in Bishkek a discussion was held on the development and creation of the updated collection of normative-legal acts (NLA) in the field of environmental protection. The discussion attended by employees of the State Department of Environmental Protection and Forestry (SAEPF), representatives of UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Aarhus Centres of Kyrgyz Republic.

All environmental services and public associations have actively used previous collection, which developed in 2009. Nevertheless, today time has come to create an updated collection based on the changes in NLA in recent years. The option of printed and electronic version of collection discussed. This was proposed by the head of the environmental strategy and policy of SAEPF D.Bekkulova and head of strategic planning department of the SAEPF and the National Coordinator of the Aarhus Convention N. Baidakova. Coordinator of environmental programs by UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic V.Grebnev and the head of Aarhus Centre in Bishkek A.Nurbekov offered joint action on the design and creation of this collection.
After some discussion, the meeting participants agreed that this collection will be completed within 2-3 months, and in its creation will involve all stakeholders.


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