Seminar on public involvement in the NDC adoption process

On November 24, 2020, in Bishkek, within the framework of the implementation of the Aarhus Convention on access to information, a national online seminar was held on the topic “Public engagement in the process of updating the Nationally Determined Contributions of Kyrgyzstan under the Paris Agreement of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”.  Seminar was organized by Network of Aarhus Centres in Kyrgyzstan with the assistance of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek and with the support of the GEF Small Grants Program, UNDP and SAEPF. This seminar was the final of 4 regional seminars that took place in Talas, Cholpon-Ata and Osh. Event aimed at informing the public about the ongoing work to discuss and involve civil society in the process of developing proposals for updating the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Climate change is one of the main challenges today. For example, unpredictable weather conditions that threaten food production, sea level rise that increases the risk of natural disasters, are consequences of climate change and are global and unprecedented in scale. If decisive action is not taken today, then the subsequent adaptation to climate change will require a lot of effort and expense. Understanding this problem, 196 countries have adopted the Paris Agreement, including Kyrgyzstan. At the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a landmark agreement was concluded to tackle climate change and accelerate the action needed to achieve sustainable low-carbon development. To implement the Paris Agreement, countries have decided to update their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) every 5 years, which will contribute to improving the climate for all countries. Kyrgyzstan got involved in this process and, with technical assistance from UNDP, began the process of preparing updates to contributions.

For the participants of the seminar, the project experts made presentations on the Paris Agreement, government policy in implementing the agreement on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, on approaches to developing, collecting and submitting proposals to the Nationally Determined Contributions of Kyrgyzstan to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Updating the NDC will be carried out by the authorized state bodies with the involvement of experts from various fields, public, scientific institutions, universities, media and business community.

In addition, as part of the discussion of possible proposals for NDCs, the workshop participants were provided with information on the preparation of the UNEP-GEF project “Support to Kyrgyzstan in the preparation of the 4th National Communication and the 1st Biennial Update Report under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”, which will become one of the sources of proposals for NDCs.

At the end of the workshop, numerous questions were asked and answered by experts. At the request of the seminar participants and those who could not participate, it was decided to post all presentations on the Aarhus Center website (see below).

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1. Нурбеков А, Проект ПМГ/ГЭФ «Вовлечение гражданского общества в процесс обновления и реализации определяемых на национальном уровне вкладов в Парижское соглашение РКИК ООН»

2. Гребнев В, Климатическая политика Кыргызской Республики и Парижское соглашение РКИК ООН

3. Темирбеков А. Определяемые на национальном уровне вклады Кыргызской Республики в Парижское соглашение

4. Ысабекова Б, Процесс обновления Определяемых на национальном уровне вклады (ОНУВ)

5. Беккулова Дж.Э, Проект ЮНЕП-ГЭФ «Поддержка Кыргызстана в подготовке 4-го Национального Cообщения и 1-го Двухгодичного Доклада обновляющей информации в рамках Рамочной Конвенции ООН по изменению климата»

6. Темирбеков А. Четвертое национальное сообщение (НС 4) Кыргызской Республики по РКИК ООН для обновления Определяемых на национальном уровне вкладов (ОНУВ) КР в Парижское соглашение

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