Round table in Kazarman village

August 14, 2018 in the village of Kazarman Toguz-Torozsky district of Jalal-Abad region, with the financial support of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, a round table was held on the theme “Problems of protection and use of natural resources in Toguz-Torouz district.”

In the begining of  round table, on August 13, 2018, meeting was held between Director of the Aarhus Center, Isabaev K.I.,  with Leading Specialist of the Jalal-Abad Territorial Department of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry – Borukulov O.K.

At the meeting the participants discussed the problems of protection and use of natural resources of Toguz-Torouz district. During the meeting akim of the region noted the following environmental problems:
1. Lack of relevant personnel in the environment and ecology;
2. Weak material and technical base in the National Natural Parks, forestry, hunting and fishing societies;
3. Lack of inspections of the activities of forestry and nature parks by Central Office of the SAEPF;
4. Problems of pasture use;
5. Weak work of the Representative of Society of Hunters and Fishermen of Toguz-Torouz District.

Listing to the above problems, akim of the region informed the participants that in recent years the employees of the leshozes, nature parks and SIETS almost did not register the facts of illegal deforestation. This indicates the increased responsibility of local residents.

The round table was started by the Director of the Information Aarhus Center in Osh, Isabaev K.I., and acquainted the participants with the purpose and the program of the round table, with the staff of the Jalal-Abad territorial administration and the Jalal-Abad Hunters and Fishermen Society, the leaders of the jamaat”Orchun” , “Jamaat Alan-Too” and informed about the activities of the Information Aarhus Center in the city of Osh on implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The director of the Aarhus Center informed the participants about international projects on environmental protection, in particular on the installation of photo traps in order to take into account wild animals and fix violators of the requirements of environmental laws and poachers. In addition, he informed about the Swiss project “Vulnerable Mountain Ecosystems in Central Asia”, in the implementation of which the Kyrgyz Republic participates.
In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, the participants agreed to act together, cooperate with the Aarhus Center, international organizations, the business sector and government structures. In addition  to develop a joint work plan for training, meetings and roundtables related to the protection and use of natural resources in conjunction with the Toguz-Torouz , the SAEPF, the Society of Hunters and Fishermen of the Jalal-Abad region, national nature parks of the district. To disseminate the advanced experience of jamaats in the protection of animals and forests .

At the end, the director of the Aarhus Center expressed gratitude the participants for their active participation in the round table, for the cooperation to the representatives of SAEPF and the Society of Hunters and Fishermen of the Jalal-Abad region. He informed the participants about the readiness of the Aarhus Center to cooperate in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety, and added that the center has the opportunity to provide stakeholders with normative legal acts and encouraged participants to cooperate.

The round table was organized by the Information Aarhus Center in Osh city jointly SAEPF, Jalal-Abad Hunters and Fishers Society in the framework of the project “Promotion of Environmental Safety and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in Kyrgyzstan”, implemented with the financial support of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek.

Specialist for work with the public Information Aarhus Center in Osh,
T. Zhumabekov

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