Conducting a seminar on the topic “The role of eco-clubs in the implementation of the Aarhus Convention.”

November 16, 2022 at school-gymnasium No. 2 named after V.P. Chkalov in Naryn city, with the financial support of the OSCE, a seminar was held on the topic “The role of eco-clubs in the implementation of the Aarhus Convention”. The seminar was attended by members of the eco-club of this school, members of the peace club, the school administration represented by the director of the school R. M. Osmonov, the head of the educational department I. L. Vologina and teachers in the subjects of ecology and geography. There were 26 participants in total. The guests of the seminar were our permanent partners – representatives of the Naryn State Reserve, who presented their presentations on the activities of the park. At the opening of the seminar, the manager of the Aarhus Center Kalmuratov S.K. spoke about the activities of his organization. Members of the eco-club prepared and presented a presentation about the club and their activities. During the seminar, members of the eco-club asked their questions, expressed their opinions, their concern for the environment was very noticeable. They also suggested holding joint events such as subbotniks, eco-actions, promotion of waste sorting and debate games on the topic of environmental protection. At the end of the meeting, teachers made speeches, who expressed their gratitude and readiness to work together. Seminar participants were given T-shirts and caps with the logo of the Aarhus Center.

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