Information about the status of environmental and technical safety monitoring on the territory of the lime kilns in A.Anarova of Aravan district.


14-15 October 2016 with the financial support of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, the Aarhus Information Centre in Osh organized environmental and technical safety monitoring on the territory of the lime kilns in village Anarova of Aravan district. The monitoring was attended by Head of the Regional Administration of Aravan and Nookat districts of State Inspectorate for ecological and technical safety under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic – Dzhakishev I.M., Egemberdiev M.T.,  experts of Aarhus Information Center in Osh –  Isabaev K., Soronkulov G., independent expert on mining supervision Mendikulov S.R.,  head of the village administration A. Anarova Aravan district – Oktam A. and the head of the village T. Ismailov.


Monitoring established:

  1. On Maral site without permission, without authorization of project documents, built 28 units. facilities for lime burning, without transforming the land in the appropriate category;
  2. The workers and senior staff are not trained, primary instruction is not performed;
  3. Workers are not provided with appropriate special clothing and footwear;
  4. Territory sites cluttering with household and industrial waste;
  5. Workplaces does not have conditions for work, rest and eat for workers;
  6. KTP -374 has no fence, 0.4 kV switchgear door is broken, lying on the ground.
  7. Electrical wires from the power transformer to each object laid with violation. Wires hang on props made from pieces of tree branches and pieces of metal with a diameter of 3 to 10 cm, cooling fan wiring is laid on the ground, sometimes buried in the ground, the point of attachment is not isolated.
  8. Not grounded fan;
  9. Main switch is not locked or secured dielectric gloves, rubber mat coasters. No prohibition and warning signs;
  10. No storage for coal and finished products;
  11. Workers are not provided with gloves, protective goggles, and respirators to protect from the coal and the production of dust;
  12. No fire shield;
  13. Undefined adjacent territories, the boundary between the operating entities for lime burning;
  14. Firing the lime into the air without purification.

Over the last 2 years on the part of State Inspectorate for ecological and technical safety under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of Aravan and Nookat district planned and unplanned safety checks were carried out.

As a result of the repeated checks was issued orders to eliminate violations. Imposed an administrative fine of 5,000 soms, for damage to land and put up a claim paid in the amount of 135 000 soms, the work has been suspended by inspection facilities. Despite the measures taken to date, the object continues to work, ignoring orders.

Previously issued instructions were igrnored. A lack of knowledge of the owners of kilns and specialists of village council Anarova of Aravan district of the requirements of laws of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of environmental and industrial safety and subsoil.


Recomendations of participants of monitoring to the head of ail okmotu:

  1. Organize the work with the owners of the lime kilns for registration of the relevant permits.
  2. To conduct explanatory work for owners and employees.
  3. Conduct training on normative legal acts.
  4. Solve the problem of storage of waste production and reclamation of disturbed lands.
  5. Take an inventory of objects.
  6.  Joint measures for ensuring safety in the production of blasting (LLC “Dannur South”)
  7. Develop a plan of measures to eliminate detected violations and previously issued orders.
  8. Set standard support, perform fencing in sets, perform a protection against short circuit, replace the wiring flexible copper cable and lay the shield to the blowing fan in metal pipe


Public Relations Specialist, Soronkulov G.U.



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