Monitoring of condition of coal deposit “Kojo-kelen” of the village Kojo-kelen of Papan village district of Karasu region of Osh area

On 12-13 August 2015 Aarhus centre in Osh with the support of OSCE Centre in Bishkek, together with the regional administration of State Inspection on Environmental and Technical Safety for the Aravan, Karasu and Nookat regions had organized monitoring of condition of coal mining sites in the village Kojo-Kelen of Papan village district of Karasu region of Osh area.



The following mining companies are registered on the territory of Papan village district (according to accounts):

  • Argen-Nur Ltd
  • Chytty Ltd
  • Kojo-Kelen Ata Ltd
  • Fuel Base (Toplivnaya Baza)
  • Farm enterprise ‘Alty Aigyr’
  • Government enterprise ‘South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition’ – geological exploration at the licensed site ‘Chalkuiruk’

Coal mining companies contribute money to the local budget of Papan village district for rent of lands, pay taxes on profits from the sale of coal. Only Government enterprise ‘South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition’ paid to the budget of Papan village district 3 142 000 soms for retention of the license in 2014, for the I and II quarters of 2015 – 1 456 000 soms. Managers of mining companies do not submit reports on their activities to Papan village district and Osh territorial administration of State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry of KR.

Group of experts on mining, environmental protection, environmental security, mass media, specialists of Karasu department of the Ministry of Emergencies, Karasu regional disease prevention Centre and State sanitary epidemiological supervision which coordinates activities of the services for the Osh oblast, conducted visual survey and radiological measurements at the coal deposit ‘Kojo-Kelen’.

As a result of the survey it was found that radiation background in the village Kojo-Kelen, on the dumps of coal cut and on the territory adjacent to the deposit is within the normal range. Survey of dumps and open pits of the deposit has showed that recultivation works in the deposit’s territory have not been carried out. In the place of used open pit at the distance of about 50 meters from the central street of the village Kojo-Kelen there is a basin with mirror area of about 600 square meters appeared as a result of collection of rain and melt waters, and possibly spring waters. From the southern side of the basin there is a fence made from net Rabizza of about 40 meters.

According to perimeter it is necessary to install a fence with warning signs. Availability of open basin, also existing landslide cracks (in 3 places) create a danger for the local people, especially for the children and livestock during being at the given site.

In addition there are 2 hotbeds of coal fire with total area of about 60 square meters with discharge into the atmosphere of products of coal inflammation. The given issue especially worries the local people, as from morning to afternoon a wind vector is directed to the Kojo-Kelen side with content of contaminants in the atmosphere air in the process of uncontrolled coal burning and unpleasant smell of gas. Moreover, during strong winds typical for this area, hotbed of fire in the open pit may cause a fire in adjacent grazing lands.


During the monitoring participants gave recommendations to the following organizations:

– Osh territorial administration for environmental protection and forest ecosystems development, mining companies should issue the permission for discharge into the atmosphere of contaminants, sewage disposal and waste disposal in Osh territorial administration for environmental protection; submit quarterly reports at a set form of State Agency for environmental protection and forestry; coordinate plans of recultivating affected sites with administration
– Expert on mining control should submit licenses for development and right of use of subsoils with registration own organization by the legislation to Papan village district
– Specialist of Karasuu department of the Ministry for Emergencies should charge local administration, Papan village district together with mining companies to carry out works on fencing the given site with installation of warning signs; demand licenses for right of use of subsoil from owners, present site recultivation project and control its implementation to avoid people and animals downfall into the given open pit; owners of open pit together with village district should to coordinate with relevant services and specialists an issue of elimination of hotbeds of fire of open pit and to inform State Agency for geology and mineral resources under the Government of KR about this issue
– Expert on ecology: Papan village district should to specify a list of holders of licenses for right of use of subsoil (list of enterprises) in the territory of Papan village district; Management of Papan village district and village council should present at session of local deputies reports about activities of all mining companies with taking appropriate measures and to take notice of receipt of funds to local budget.

During monitoring experts in the field of mining control, ecology and radiology answered numerous questions of local people about the radiation background, atmospheric air pollution, quality of dropped water from basin, fire safety and landslide effect around the coal open pit.
Monitoring participants suggested management of village district to organize trainings for the relevant specialists of village district and deputies of local council on the following issues:

  1. Subsoil use and technical regulations law;
  2. Payments from subsoil users to local budget;
  3. Environmental protection and safety relating issues




To provide a transparency in activity of companies and to inform local people of village districts about work of mining companies Papan village district will be advisable to hold permanent meetings with participation of representatives of mining companies, state control organizations and civil society.
With the aim of informing the public and providing transparency in the activity managers of mining companies were proposed to post up information about activity on notice-boards or stands in administrative office of Papan village district and to conduct public hearings involving all interested parties.
Organization of similar events will ensure environmental and technical safety in mining companies and in the area, socioeconomic development of village district, will improve people’s awareness about activity of mining companies and will eliminate possible conflicts associated with subsoil use.

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