Planting trees in the village of Orto-Saz

On April 30, 2022 the Naryn Aarhus Center together with the Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve planted more than a hundred trees in the village of Orto-Saz, Naryn district, located 6 km from the city. Deciduous and coniferous trees were purchased with the support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek from the Naryn Forestry in the amount of more than 20,000 soms and planted on the territory of the secondary school named after Zholdon Salamatov. This school was built in 2018 and the school grounds have not yet been landscaped. The event was actively attended by local residents, teachers, schoolchildren as well as volunteers of the club of peacebuilders “Impulse” of secondary school No. 2 named after V.P. Chkalov. In total, more than 30 people took part in the event. For active participation in the event, 15 participants were given T-shirts and caps with the logo of the Naryn Aarhus Center. In conclusion, the director of the school Almaz Botoyarov and the teachers expressed their gratitude to our Aarhus Center for the opportunity to plant greenery on the territory of the school. The event was covered by the local TV channel NTK.


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