The 20th anniversary of the Aarhus Convention

This year is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the adoption by the European states of the Aarhus Convention. Kyrgyzstan acceded to this convention in 2001, i.e. 3 years and until today is an active member of the implementation of its principles on its territory.

There was conducted the meeting of members of the Aarhus Convention from 19 to 21 June in Geneva (Switzerland), at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention, in which representatives of Kyrgyzstan took part. The representatives of our country were SAEPF, Aarhus Centers and the youth organization “Movegreen”.

The program of the meeting included the reports of the committees of the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention and a special session devoted to the anniversary of the adoption of the convention. In this session, the heads of units of the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention and representatives of the countries participating in the implementation of the Convention, as well as invited their various public organizations performed their presentations. During the meeting was pointed out that over the 20 years of the Aarhus Convention, besides Europe, the countries of Transcaucasia, Asia and even Africa joined it. It is especially important to note the speech of all the former heads of the Secretariat and the units of the Aarhus Convention who informed about their work in the Secretariat and wished success in implementing the Convention.

In the session of the success of the Aarhus Convention, the representative of Kyrgyzstan – the head of the youth organization “Movegreen” Maria Kolesnikova was given the speech to present information on the activities of the organization, ongoing activities to support the preservation of the environment in its pure form in Bishkek. Maria’s performance was marked by many presented participants; some of them even highly appreciated the activity of “Movegreen” even in their speeches.

On behalf of all Aarhus Centers, the head of the Aarhus Center in Khodjent, Ikrom Mamadov, delivered a presentation with detailed information on the activities of the Centers and plans for the future. At the end of the speech, several questions were raised, which were answered by representatives of other centers, including from Kyrgyzstan.

At the end of the jubilee session, there was organized the event on behalf of Switzerland, after which with all participants of the session was taken photo on the general background.


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