Bishkek conducted a discussion on preparation of Fourth National message and First biennial report of updating the information in the scope of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

On 24th July in the conference hall of «City Hotel» Bishkek was held the discussion on preparation of Fourth National Message and First biennial report of updating the information in the scope of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), where the participants were: members of coordination council of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, representatives of ecological services, ministries and offices, scientific and educational groups, as well as international institutes, projects and programs. The agenda consisted of the following questions:

  • Determination of interested parties on developing the Fourth National message (4NM) and First biennial report on updating the information (1BR) and their roles.
  • Grouping interested parties by the areas of interests and experience of participation in development of national messages (NM).
  • Forming the working and coordinative groups of interested parties, which will take part in preparation of NM и BR.
  • Determination of communication strategy of interested parties about the process of preparation of NM and BR.

In the beginning of the round table, the director of National Agency of environmental protection and forestry under the Government of KR, Mr. A.A. Rustamov took the flow.  He noted the importance of involvement public and state structures into the discussion and taking part in development of the reports listed above and their significance for our Republic. Moreover, he noted that all previous National messages were prepared by public organizations, but the Fourth message will be prepared with involvement of SAEPF and the responsibility for its realization is going to be taken by SAEPF too.

Furthermore, presentations were made by J.E. Bekkulova  – manager of the project «The support of Kyrgyzstan in preparation of 4NM and 1BR in the scope of Framework Convention on Climate Change», who presented the information about 4NM and 1BR development plans; the consultant of the project A. Temirbekov made two presentaions: «Tasks of evaluation of national process on development of NM. The structure of evaluation report and project realization plan» and «Communication strategy of information flows in the process of preparation to 4NM and 1BR»; the expert of the project V.V.Shevchenko with the materials «Evaluation of sections in Inventory of ПГ and mitigation actions of previous NM»; head of department of SAEPF J.Kadoeva with the information «Evaluation of sections, adaptation actions and policies of previous NM»; the project expert E. Rodina «Evaluation of sections of investigation and formation of previous NM». In the end of presentations many attendants raised their questions and expressed opinions on presented materials.

After the lunch, the work of the round table begun in 3 groups: Inventory of ПГ, Adaptation and Mitigation, Investigations, formation and improvement of the potential. At the end of teambuilding, groups presented discussed materials to all participants of the round table.

At the end of the round table organizers thanked attendants for productive work and asked all participants to contribute to the development of materials for future’s 4 National Message and 1 Biennial Report of updating information in the scope of the project on Climate Change in the future.

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