Information about the conducted public monitoring of the kilns for calcining lime on the Shor Bulak section of the village of A. Anarov in the Aravan district of the Osh region

On September 20, 2017, with the financial support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek, a public monitoring of the environment and provision of environmental and technical security in the territory of the lime kiln.

Monitoring attended by the Chief Inspector Regional GIETB Office for the Aravan and Nookat Districts, independent expert on mining supervision S. R. Mendikulov, Program Assistant for Economic and Environmental Affairs M. Osmonov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, head of the Anarova village A. Oktamov, head of the Achy village  T. Ismailov, Zhany-Aravan village head  A. Juraev, employees of the Aarhus Center of Osh city K. Isabaev, T. Zhumabekov, and 17 workers.

This public monitoring was conducted by the Information Aarhus Center in Osh together with the GIETR Regional Office for the Aravan and Nookat Districts under the project “Strengthening Environmental Security in Kyrgyzstan through the Green Economy, Natural Disaster Reduction and Implementation of the Aarhus Convention”, implemented with the support of the OSCE.

  1. Inspection spotted 17 furnace, 2 of furnaces were fired lime without purification, releasing pollutants into the atmosphere.
  2. Lime kilns are built on their own, without permitting design documents and without land transformation;
  3. Workers are not trained.
  4. Workers are not provided with appropriate special clothing, footwear, protective helmets, goggles, protective masks
  5. The workers do not have medical books;
  6. The switch is not locked and is not provided with dielectric gloves, stands, rugs and measuring devices;
  7. There are no energy safety tolerances I, II, III, IV, V;
  8. The reclamation of disturbed lands has not been carried out, the production wastes are spontaneously disposed;
  9. There are no fire extinguishers for fire safety;
  10. Не ведется журнал учета поступление сырья и готовой продукции;
  11. The areas in the Akmaral section are polluted with household and industrial waste;
  12. Workplace conditions are not created for work, rest and food intake;
  13. Electrical wires from the power transformer to each object are laid with violation, i.e. wires hang on supports made of pieces of tree branches and pieces of metal, with a diameter of 3 to 10 cm, the height of the suspension is from 1.5 to 2.5 meters, in places near the stoves for power supply of blower fans, wiring is laid along the ground, sometimes buried in the ground, The connection points are not isolated. The wiring does not comply with the standarts. Cables should be made of flexible copper double-insulated cable and distributed in metal pipes;
  14. The fan casing for forced air supply is not grounded;
  15. There are no prohibitory and warning signs for electrical safety
  16. Finished products are stored outdoors, there is no warehouse for storing coal and finished lime products;
  17. At the Akmaral site, sanitary and hygienic standards have not been met.

On the part of UGIER and Noyakat district, planned, unplanned and control checks were carried out. Based on the results of the checks, they were issued on 24.04.2014. prescriptions №000132, 12.08-30.08. 2014g. precept №000824 on the elimination of violations, 17.03.2016. №0014245 instructions to eliminate identified violations, an administrative fine of 5,000 soms was imposed, a claim for the amount of 135,000 soms was paid for the damage to the land and the work of the facilities was suspended by the inspection.

Despite the measures taken, the facilities are still working today, ignoring the requirements of the GIEEB.

This indicates that the owners of the lime kiln and village government do not know the requirements of the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of environmental and technical safety and subsoil use.

To date, the issued regulations on electrical safety are ignored and facility managers arbitrarily connect to electricity supply

Participants asked the deputy head of the ayil okmotu to provide legal and advisory assistance on the preparation of documents for the allocation of land for the implementation of activities.

Representatives of the Aarhus Center in Osh during the monitoring said that it is possible to provide free-of-charge regulatory and legal acts in the field of environmental protection and subsoil use.

Specialist in Public Relations of the Aarhus Center in Osh,

T. Zhumabekov


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