Meeting of the head and representatives of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek with the staff of the Information Aarhus Center in Osh

On May 15, 2018, the Aarhus Center in Osh conducted  the meeting with the participation of the Ambassador, the head of the OSCE Office in Bishkek, Dr. Pierre von Arx. The participants of the meeting are the Deputy Head Valernu Kiver, Head of Environmental Protection Department Nana Baramidze, Environmental Expert D. Prudtsky, Senior Program Assistant M.Osmonov, Deputy Head of  Regional Office of GIEET in Osh city K.Raimova and employees of Aarhus Center (the director K.Isabaev, the administrative and financial assistant J.Murzabekova, the expert on work with the public T.Zhumabekov).

At the beginning of the meeting the delegation got acquainted with the regional departments of the GIETB under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic for Aravan – Nookat district, Osh city and the Training Center for the Aarhus Convention.

After the welcoming speech, the director of the center K. Isabaev briefed about the work, developed within the framework of the projects: “Involvement of stakeholders in solving problems related to uranium waste in Central Asia”, “Promoting environmental safety and reducing the risk of natural disasters through dialogue”, “Reduction of natural disasters risk and security in the OSCE area “,” Strengthening environmental security in Kyrgyzstan through the Green Economy, reducing natural disasters and implementing the Aarhus Convention”. Within the framework of these projects, the following results were achieved:


  • Public information ecological centers were established in Mailuu-Suu and Shekaftar and Min-Kush villages;
  • Working commissions were established to monitor the state of uranium heritage under the Local Government of Mailuu-Suu, Shekaftar and Min-Kush villages;
  • 6 information stands were installed in Mailuu-Suu and Shekaftar and Min-Kush villages;
  • the installation of 3 information stands in the SIETS;
  • Two films were made on the basis of the project results and were broadcast on local channels;
  • 1 animated film on radiation safety was prepared;
  • Three dosimeter-radiometers were purchased for three information centers
  • Guidelines on radiation safety, on the NLA in the mining industry, on the Aarhus Convention were issued;
  • Trainings on the topic of “Radiation Safety and Strategy of Public Participation”, “Strategic Planning”, “Public Monitoring and Public Hearing”, “Project Development” and “Normative-legal acts in the field of subsoil use” were held. The Aarhus Center staff and experts from AUCA, the Institute of Medical Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic were responsible and conducted trainings;
  • Environmental monitoring, inspection of abandoned mining industry objects were conducted;
  • Trainings on the protection and use of flora and fauna were conducted.


During the trainings, meetings and information campaigns, the main partners were local self-government bodies, the State Fire Protection Inspectorate, the Environmental Protection and Forestry Department. The participants of the meeting and the members of the Consultative Council at the Aarhus Center had actively participated in the discussion of the results of work and planning activities for the implementation of the Aarhus Convention and ensuring environmental safety.

Information on the carried out activities within the framework of the projects is posted on the website of the Aarhus Centers of Kyrgyzstan and on local media (“Yntymak” TV, regional prints “Osh Zhanyrygy”, “Us Sadosi” and “Echo Osh”).

Further, the Deputy Head of the Regional Office of SIETS in Osh city, Kurvanbul Raimova, thanked Aarhus Center in Osh on behalf of the OSCE for its cooperation in providing environmental safety and arranging of environmental studies, training for SIETS employees to increase the potential of young employees. She also was grateful for the opening of the Training Center, for providing special equipment and appliances that are used during monitoring on the environment. She asked the Head of the Program Office to assist in the acquisition of measuring instruments to improve the quality and efficiency of monitoring of industrial facilities.


The Head of the Program Office thanked the Deputy Head of the SIETS and said that he would consider her request for the purchase of devices.

Also, he noted the good work of the Aarhus Center for distribution of information among the population, cooperation with state bodies, since the dissemination of information is the sustainability of the project.

He shared information about the planned conference in Issyk-Kul on the Aarhus Convention in Kyrgyzstan. And the center should prepare a presentation and booklets about the work prepared within the framework of the implemented projects.

The head of the OSCE Office in Bishkek was interestedon the strategic vision of the center for the next three years. Director of the Aarhus Center K.Isabaev informed that specialists of the Aarhus Center together with partners should study in detail the Strategy for the development of the activities of the Aarhus Centers of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2015-2018 and, on the basis of this analysis, should be prepared Development Strategy for the next 3 years. To develop the Strategy, it is necessary to take into account the proposals of all stakeholders in the field. Together with SIETS and the Territorial Departments of SAEPF and Forestry, should be strengthened independent monitoring, trained the population to environmental laws. At the present time there is a recultivation work in the uranium heritage sites in Min-Kush, Kaji-Say. Therefore, we need to work closely with local authorities and the population, disseminate information on the progress of remediation works, ensure public participation from the first stages of remediation work, and train them the radiation safety.

Considering the answer of the director of the center and the prepared work, the head of office offered to adopt a new Development Strategy.

Also during the meeting the participants discussed the possible re-issue of the collections of normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of environmental protection:

  1. Collection of normative legal acts in the field of environmental protection. Volume 1. Codes and Laws. Bishkek – 2016.
  2. Collection of normative legal acts in the field of environmental protection. Volume II. “By-laws, instructional and methodological documentation”, Part I, Bishkek – 2016.
  3. Collection of normative legal acts in the field of environmental protection. Volume II. “By-laws, instructional-methodical documentation”, part II. Bishkek – 2016.


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