Monitoring of the forest plantations

On June 16, 2021, the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center together with an expert consultant monitored the forests of the Ak-Suu region. Senior researcher of the Institute of Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, associate professor of Issyk-Kul State University Alexander Vitalievich Ivanov was involved in this event as a consultant. The following terms of reference were assigned to the consultant.

– thorough inspection of the state of the forests of the Ak-Suu region;
-study of the viability of the forest;
– identification of forest pollution;
-organic state of the forest;
-influence of the state of the forest on the well-being and health of people;
– the influence of the state of the forest on the flora and fauna of the region.
In the course of the survey of the forest area of the region, a large number of plantations were revealed that have signs of plant disease. This leads to a decrease in forest plantations and an increase in soil drying.

Recently, due to the cool weather, the number of tourists is not large and therefore there is little garbage. But despite this, as a result of the indifference to nature of some citizens, there are landfills with plastic bottles and plastic bags among the trees and along the rivers.

Based on the results of the monitoring, it was decided to recommend the following:

Karakol forestry :
– timely sanitary cleaning of dried branches to prevent mass infection of spruce trees with the disease;
– develop ways to promote natural regeneration in forests;
– regulation of the number of grazed livestock in accordance with the norms;
– regulation of the number of squirrels;
– installation of information signs prohibiting the disposal of garbage;
– inform vacationers about the inadmissibility of environmental pollution;

State Committee on Ecology and Climate:
– development of norms for recreational loads;

Karakol forestry together with Ak-Suu ayil okmotu:
– installation of containers for garbage in the most visited recreation areas;
– organization of timely garbage disposal.

Based on the monitoring results, proposals will be made to local authorities and relevant state bodies on taking the necessary measures.

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