Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center held a round table in the village of Jeti-Oguz

On May 18, 2023, in the village of Jeti-Oguz of the district of the same name, in the meeting room of the aiyl okmotu, with the financial support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek, a round table was held, organized by the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center. The round table was attended by residents of the villages of Jeti-Oguz, Ak-Kochkor, employees of the aiyl okmotu, employees of the tourist police.

The purpose of the round table: informing the public about the Aarhus Convention and the activities of the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center. discussing the environmental problems of the Jeti-Oguz village, carrying out relevant work together with state bodies to solve these problems.

At the round table, the deputy head of the Jeti-Oguz ayil okmotu A. Kalykov delivered a welcoming speech, who expressed gratitude for organizing the round table and the opportunity to discuss environmental problems in the region.

After him, information about the activities of the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center was made by its manager S. Tursunakunov, who spoke in detail about the Aarhus Convention, about its principles, about the Aarhus Centers of Kyrgyzstan, about the goals of creating centers, about the activities of the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center for 2021-2022 – years and answered the participants’ questions.

On the 2nd issue of the agenda, the deputy head of the Jeti-Oguz ayil okmotu A.Kalykov spoke, who presented his information on activities in the field of environmental conservation, namely, on holding subbotniks together with villagers and youth to clean up garbage and improve streets. .

On the 3rd issue of the agenda, an employee of the Jeti-Oguz District Department of Internal Affairs, senior lieutenant of militia T. Omuraliev spoke, who informed about the initiatives of the villagers and the support of the country’s leadership in the creation of an environmental militia. Since the creation of the tourist-environmental police, work has been carried out to prevent environmental offenses. In addition, we carry out work related to illegal felling of trees, illegal fishing, and garbage disposal in unidentified places.

During the round table, the participants raised such issues as: the responsibility of residents in matters of keeping the environment clean, the problems of garbage distribution in the region, garbage removal from the Kok-Zhaiyk gorge, the reduction of livestock to prevent pasture degradation, the transfer of livestock to distant pastures , insufficient work of the forestry with citizens, burning of garbage and leaves, which caused a heated discussion among the participants.

Based on the proposals of the participants and following the results of the round table, the following decisions were made:

  1. Send appeals to the relevant state authorities on the opening of an ecological post at the entrance to the Kok-Zhaiyk gorge.
  2. On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 3, 2023, hold an environmental garbage collection campaign with the participation of villagers.
  3. In order to strengthen the responsibility of the Jeti-Oguz forestry, send an appeal to the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Issyk-Kul region on involvement in the conclusion of lease agreements with citizens to maintain the cleanliness of the forestry land, illegal cutting of trees.

At the end of the round table, the representatives of the aiyl okmotu and the tourist-environmental police were presented with collections of legal acts published with the financial support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek.

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