Final meeting on the project: “Strengthening the capacity of the Aarhus centres in disaster risk reduction, in order to raise awareness of local communities”

7-9 of April 2016, the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna held its final meeting on strengthening the capacity of the Aarhus Centers for disaster risk reduction in order to raise awareness of local communities. Attended by more than 70 people from Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan), Southeast Europe (Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova) and the South Caucasus (Armenia).

The Kyrgyz delegation consisted of Deputy. Minister of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic Rysbaeva R.R., the Head of the district administration of Kadamzhay in Batken region Madumarov A.K., director of the Aarhus Centre in Osh Isabaeva K.I., head of environmental and economic programs of the OSCE Local bureau in Osh Edoardo Da Ros and senior program assistant of OSCE Local bureau in Osh Payzieva E.

The participants of the meeting presented the final results and results of design activities in South-Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.


Aarhus Information Centre in Osh within the final meeting of the project “Strengthening the capacity of the Aarhus Centres in disaster risk reduction, in order to raise awareness of local communities” made a presentation on the topic “Regional Festival of Ecological Journalism: lessons learned and prospects for further cooperation.”

As the part of the final meeting the Kyrgyzstan delegation met with the leadership of the Coordinator Bureau of OSCE Economic and Environmental Programs (Ms. Desiree Schweitzer, Ms. Esra Butannri, Ms. Jenniver Sehring, Ms. Alma Mirvic) and the delegation of the Tajik Ministry of Emergency Situations. During these meetings members exchanged views, discussed issues of emergency situations in the region and discussed about strengthening of cooperation and coordination. Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic Rysbaeva R.R. and Akim of the Kadamjay district Madumarov A.K. expressed the readiness of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the State Administration for further cooperation with international organizations on disaster risk reduction and to participate in these events. They expressed gratitude to the OSCE representative for the financing of projects on disaster risk reduction in Kyrgyzstan.

April 9 was organized departure to the National Natural Park of the Danube, where the participants of the meeting got acquainted with water-related problems and emergency situations on the river Danube.

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