Meeting with students of S. Naamatov Naryn State University was held

With the financial support of the OSCE Program Office in Bishkek, the Aarhus Center in Naryn on November 21, 2023 held a seminar for students of Naryn State University (NSU) on the topic “The role of youth in the implementation of the Aarhus Convention.”

The seminar was attended by students and teachers of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. During the seminar, presentations were made from the Aarhus Center in Naryn, the department of the Institute for Research of Mountain Societies of the University of Central Asia (UCA), and a researcher at the Naryn State Natural Park “Salkyn-Tor” Ismailov Umot. They informed about their activities, the work done and provided extensive information about the prospects and plans for working with students. Then, a representative of the Naryn regional department of the Environmental and Technical Supervision Service under the MNRETS KR, Mortukov Akylbek, made a presentation on the activities of the service and explained the problems in the ecology of the region.

It was very interesting and informative for the students participating in the seminar to listen to the materials of the speakers.

They asked a lot of interesting questions, such as: can they practice in these organizations and take part in events, how the nursery implements plans, who and how controls the fight against poachers, what is the situation in the Ak-Talinsky district regarding the illegal collection of medicinal herbs as Endik, etc.

Also during the meeting, several joint events were planned between NSU and nature reserves. Taking into account the interest of students in environmental problems, the manager of the Aarhus Center Kalmuratov S. proposed to hold such seminars on a regular basis together with partners and involve university students in their activities.

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