Round Table in Talas

On May 30,2019 the round table was conducted in Talas city on the topic of “Current issues and problems in the field of ecology: the participation of government agencies and public organizations on awareness of the region population”. The event was attended by representatives of the Talas Department of the SAEPF, SIETS, Talas University, Association “Alliance of NGOs of Talas Region”, independent ecologists and civil society. This round table was covered by Talas KOORT, private television “NEXT TV” and the newspaper “Talas Turmush”.

The main objective of this event was to introduce the public in Talas area about the work carried out by environmental public services in environmental protection, measures taken in nature conservation and methods taken in their work.

Another objective of this event was to consider how public organizations react to this work from the state side and how they can assist in implementing the tasks on a favorable state of the environment. The report was presented by representatives of the Talas Department of SAEPF, who provided information on their activities for 2018-2019 and plans of activities before the end of this year.

Representatives of public organizations and civil societies raised their opinions about their participation in solving environmental problems and made various observations and suggestions on for work improvement in developing the state of the environment.

Special attention was paid to the problems of garbage collection and storage (plastic bags and plastic bottles). It was also proposed to study problems in ecology at an early stage of development – in schools. To this end, it was proposed to conduct environmental studies in schools with the participation of representatives of government agencies and public organizations. To ensure that, it was proposed to send a letter of  this proposal to the regional administration and develop an action plan for its implementation.

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