The competition ‘Nature and we” was conducted on Issyk-Kul region

On November 15, 2019, a round-table discussion on the results of the “Nature and We”  contest organized by the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center was held in the Balykchy city education department with financial support from the OSCE program office in Bishkek.

The round table was attended by directors of Balykchy secondary schools, students and parents. Welcoming remarks were made by the head of the city department of education, city Balykchy N. Mambetova, on behalf of teachers and teachers she expressed gratitude to the organizers of the contest and wished further success in the work of the Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center. All middle school students of Balykchy city  took an active part in this competition, there were a lot of competitive works, in the end they chose the “best” works.

The director of secondary school No. 2 A. Duyshenova also thanked the organizers of the competition on behalf of the teachers and wished success to the winners of the competition.

According to the Regulation of the “Nature and We” contest, the winners were determined in the following nominations.

“The best picture” among students in grades 1-4.

“The best crafts” among students in grades 5-7.

“The best essay” among students in grades 8-11.

According to the results of the competition:

in the nomination “The best picture”

1st place -grade student of secondary school named after K.Abdyldaev-Isamidinova Maryam.

2nd place – student of 3-grade high school. J. Bokonbaev – Musaeva Aidai.

3rd  place – student of the 1st grade secondary school named after Manas – Azamatova Fatima.

In the nomination “Best crafts”,

1st  place – student of the 6th grade of a secondary school named after J. Bokonbaev- Kadyralieva Fatima.

2nd place – student of the 5th  grade No. 4 of the gymnasium – Jeken kyzy Jasmine.

3rd place – student of the 4th  grade of the secondary school named after Kalygul Bai uulu – Ysaev Nurmuhammed.

In the nomination “The best essay”

1st  place – student of 8th  grade No. 4 gymnasium – Ulanbek kyzy Saykal.

2nd place – student of 9th -grade high school C. Aitmatov – Ishenbekov Aidan.

3rd place – student of 8th -grade high school Kalygul Bai uulu – Azhybaeva Albina.

The winners were awarded with valuable gifts and diplomas. Also, students who took an active part in this competition were awarded by the diplomas of Issyk-Kul Aarhus Center.


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