Another day to discuss the measures of the NDC Plan

On February 10, 2023, regular technical meetings were held to discuss the Action Plan for the Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions of Kyrgyzstan (NDC) in the sectors of “Agriculture” and “Forestry”. Before lunch, in the building of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic, the proposed measures for the implementation of the NDC Plan for the “Agriculture” sector were discussed. Presentations on the sector in the field of Mitigation and Adaptation were presented. The meeting was attended by government agencies and public organizations in the field of agriculture, as well as business structures and farmers. The consideration and discussion of the measures took place violently and with high attention. All the proposed measures in the field of Mitigation were taken, while edits were made, specifying the responsible persons. This was requested by research organizations (KNAU, Kyrgyzniizhip). It is also proposed to add a measure related to the installation of biogas plants by farmers for the livestock and poultry industry. This measure was laid down in the Energy sector; the participants came to the conclusion that this measure should also be taken into account in the Agriculture sector. Another significant addition in this sector during the discussion was proposed 3 more measures by the participants of the meeting.

Then measures to adapt this sector were discussed. Here, each measure was discussed for a very long time, methods and indicators of implementation were found out, and it was proposed to increase or replace the responsible persons. They were particularly concerned during the consideration of what consequences the application of measures may have on the economic state of the industry, the impact on atmospheric pollution, the use of advanced regulatory methods.

In general, the discussion was productive, active and sometimes using a creative approach to the design of measures. The main outcome of this meeting was sustained – measures were proposed in the Implementation Plan of the ONUV for this sector, necessary to improve the state of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which may affect climate change.

In the afternoon of the same day, the last technical meeting of this phase in the Forestry sector was held in the Forest Service hall. Plans of measures for NDC in the field of Mitigation and Adaptation were also presented here. The main participants of this meeting were employees of the Forest Service, departmental organizations, representatives of scientific institutions, experts and consultants.

When discussing the Action Plan, the Forest Service management proposed to coordinate this Plan with the Plan that was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic in this sector. This will make the Action Plan realistic and productive, which will contribute to the implementation of government efforts in this direction. There were also proposals to replace several measures, more necessary directions were introduced, the main performers were revised. In general, the discussion was active and we hope that the final document, after additional study by the participants, will have a meaningful and real look.

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