Project coordinators from UNDP and MNRETS held technical meetings

From 6 to 12 September 2023, UNDP and MNRETS KR held technical meetings with representatives of ministries and departments involved in the implementation of the project “Providing advisory support for an improved plan for the implementation of the NDC and the Long-term low-carbon / carbon-neutral strategy until 2050.”

On September 6, from morning to lunch, a meeting moderated by the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic N.Zh. Usenova. was held at the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic, during which the results of the developed materials on NDCs and the progress of preparing the ISC until 2050 were discussed.

The results of the work of experts from the Aarhus Center on the development of project materials were presented to the members of the IWG and the participants of the meeting. The prepared NDC measures and their strengthened version with a possible increase in the reduction of measures for the sector were heard. The concept of a possible low-carbon strategy and achieving zero emissions by 2050. The meeting participants asked questions of interest to the sector expert and received appropriate answers.

On the same day, after lunch, a meeting with stakeholders was held in the building of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic to discuss the implementation of the project in the Transport sector.

The main focus of this meeting was the consideration of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of the CoC 2050 by road transport. The need to expand the use of environmentally friendly and harmless cars will help reduce gas pollution in large cities of Kyrgyzstan.

The next day, September 7, 2 meetings were also held in 2 departments. Before lunch, a meeting was held with consultants and interested workers in the Agriculture sector.

This meeting was of great importance within the framework of the project implementation and discussion of measures in this sector, since according to research by the expert group, this sector tops the table for greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, it was interesting to know the opinion of sector workers on improving the situation in agriculture, taking into account the use of new technologies for raising pedigree livestock, crop plots and increasing horticulture.

After lunch on September 7, a meeting was held at the State Forest Service building to consider application measures for the preparation of ICH 2050 in the forestry sector.

This sector is the only one that contributes to improving the environment and restoring clean air. Therefore, attention was paid to increasing forest plantations and preserving existing ones.

On September 8, a meeting with stakeholders was held in the building of the Ministry ofNutural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic to discuss documents on CNC (Carbon Neutrality Concept) 2050 in the “PPIP and Waste” sectors. The supervisor for this area is the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and therefore many questions were asked to this department, the main of which were interactions with subjects of these sectors. Also, many comments were sent to the Bishkek mayor’s office regarding landfill issues.

On September 11, a meeting was held in the building of the WRS (Water Resources Service) with employees and experts from the Water Resources sector. This sector is of no small importance in terms of climate change and improving the situation with greenhouse gas emissions. The use of advanced technologies in the water sector can contribute to high-quality monitoring of the state of the country’s water reserves.

The last meeting to discuss measures to promote the development of KUN 2050 was held in the building of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic on September 12, 2023.

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